Are you under attack?

If you’re currently under attack, or feel you may be it’s time to get the professionals on the line!

Our network support team is available 24/7 to support in any way necessary to keep you secured.

We handle various cybersecurity issues.

  • Ransomware
  • Spyware
  • Potentially Unwanted Programs
  • Basic Viruses
  • Network Protection
  • Unauthorized Access

Tips for dealing with an active attack

  • Unless the impacted device is considered mission critical – Shut It Down!
  • Ransomware attacks can spread quickly and don’t wait. If you even suspect ransomware shut everything down until you speak with one of our team.
  • Ransomware attack Do’s and Dont’s:
    • NEVER pay or cooperate with your attackers. It only fuels their cause.
    • Disconnect devices as soon as humanly possible.
    • If you suspect a ransomware attack – time is of the essence.

What to expect with our cybersecurity team

We understand and acknowledge that not every situation is the same. In fact its far from it! Although we take quick action we don’t just stop at applying a bandaid. We get to the root of the issue.

How do I prevent attacks?

While no one can ever prevent attacks, you can greatly reduce them, and even mitigate their effect by putting safeguards in place.

  • Implement a firewall with IDS / IPS.
  • Ensure all endpoints have updated AV.
  • Consider hiring an MSSP to build your network defenses.