Your cybersecurity solution doesn’t work

We don’t stop, because attackers don’t stop!

Clint Chance – CEO

Attackers are getting smarter about how they infiltrate your business. Every day a new zero-day vulnerability is discovered. Is your cybersecurity up to the task?

cybersecurity starts with you

The cybersecurity landscape changes everyday. Without warning in most cases. Are you protected?

Choosing to stay with your ISP provided modem is no longer an option. Small businesses require a stronger security to keep business operations running.

Ready for the facts?

  • Over 75% of businesses have suffered from a data breach, and didn’t even realize it
  • Small businesses are more vulnerable than ever
  • The number of threats has quadrupled each year, for the past 10 years!
  • Basic cybersecurity doesn’t cut it anymore.

The good news?

It’s not too late! Protecting yourself before an attack is like getting vaccinated. While nothing can completely prevent a determined attack, being “vaccinated” can mitigate its impact. Most of the time, being protected is exactly what you need to fend off many attacks. Partnering with Monatec Solutions provides that protection with a solution custom-built to suit your company.

Get protected with the name that people trust.
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