Fed-up with your help desk?

Tier 3, tier 14, tier 4, tier tier tier. How many levels of support do they need?

We set out to do I.T. different. We don’t do tiers. When you call in, you have a dedicated help desk technician from beginning to end. It’s just how we do business.

A Dedicated Monatec Solutions IT technician ready to help.

Fine, how about this:

Tier: You.

When you call in, the last thing you want to do is get bounced around.

We offer a multitude of options to get support. Whether it’s a quick walk-through, or remoting into your system from our office in Milton Florida, or being on-site at you office anywhere in the world. We get I.T. done!

Bad news: I.T. issues never seem to strike when you expect it. Guess it’s just the nature of the beast!
Good news: We’re available whenever I.T. issues strike! With low monthly charges, and even better hourly rates we’re able to handle issues with:

  • Microsoft office 365 & Google Workspace
  • Active Directory & Group Policy
  • Cybersecurity & remediation
  • Backup and recovery options
  • Printer configurations
  • Medical Equipment Configuration
  • Re imaging & Custom image building
  • Ransomware removal & protection

Our list goes on and on, and is ever growing! Suffice it to say: We take care of I.T.

We work seamlessly with your existing IT team as well!