Hack The Box 2024

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Gear up for a weekend like no other as Monatec Solutions proudly presents its hack the box event! Set to unfold over two action-packed days, with a pregame on Friday to kickstart the hacking fiesta.

Contestants Wanted:

Whether you’re a seasoned black hat or a budding hacker, this event is your playground. Pre-enroll now to secure your spot in the ultimate hackathon showdown!

Vendor Opportunities:

  • Food Vendors: Satisfy your taste buds and fuel your hacking energy with a variety of food trucks. Tag your favorite vendors to make sure they’re part of this tasty experience!
  • Product and Informational Vendors: Showcase your tech products or share your knowledge with enthusiasts. Join us in creating an immersive environment for attendees to explore the latest innovations.
  • Sponsorship Invited: Be a key player in supporting this dynamic event. Partner with us and get visibility among tech enthusiasts, hackers, and industry professionals.

Interactive Booths:

  • The Raspberry Pi Village: Dive into the world of Single Board Computers (SBCs). Build your own Raspberry Pi and choose from exciting projects – a web server, a digital clock, or a secure chat server for you and your friends.
  • Cyber Security Hut: Elevate your digital defenses! Explore cybersecurity essentials and discover practical steps to enhance your online security. Knowledge is power – empower yourself in the Cyber Security Hut.
  • Exploration Corners: Unleash your curiosity at various interactive corners. Share your ideas and let’s make this event even more engaging! What booths or activities would you like to see? Comment below and shape the event with us.

Get ready to hack, learn, and connect at the Monatec Solutions’ Hack the Box extravaganza – where innovation meets cybersecurity in an electrifying blend!

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