Should you pay a ransomware attacker?

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Picture this – ransomware attacks lurking in the shadows, ready to strike anyone, be it a small business or a solo practitioner. But here’s the real kicker: the attackers don’t discriminate; they just want your money. So, when faced with a ransomware demand, the big question arises – should you pay up?

Ransomware Hits Everyone Let’s get real about ransomware.

It’s like an equal-opportunity troublemaker, hitting small folks, law firms, and even medium-sized businesses. These attackers are just in it for the cash, turning every successful attack into their personal jackpot.

Paying the Ransom Dilemma Now, here’s the tough call – pay or not to pay?

The attackers promise to give you the golden key to unlock your files and vanish into thin air. But here’s the deal: Monatec Solutions says, “Don’t do it!”  we stand with the Office of Civil Rights (OCR), shouting from the rooftops that paying up doesn’t do squat. It just funds the bad guys for their next heist.

Your Personal Defense Plan So, what should you do? Monatec has a game plan

Be the Endpoint Defender:
  • Keep your devices safe with endpoint security. Think of it as your superhero shield against ransomware.
Back It Up, Back It Up:
  • Backups are like your safety net. Store your stuff in the cloud, back up your workstation, and safeguard those emails. It’s like insurance against ransomware chaos.
Email Bodyguard – Proofpoint Style:
  • Meet Proofpoint, your email guardian. It scans your emails and kicks out anything fishy – phishing attacks, viruses, you name it. It’s your inbox’s bouncer.

In a nutshell, facing ransomware is like navigating a maze, but with the right moves, you can stay ahead. Remember, don’t fuel the bad guys; instead, armor up with endpoint security, backups, and a trusty email guardian. Stay smart, stay safe! And if you need any help building up your defenses, give us a call! We’ll be happy to bring you up to speed – and get you compliant at the same time!

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